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Why Target New Movers?

Over 42 million Americans move every year --
that's 1 out of every 7 Americans!
(Source: USPS)

Many of these people with be moving into your market area. How many of them will become your customers or members?

Since newcomers have not yet formed loyalties or shopping habits, it's often the first business that contacts them that gets to keep them.
So introduce yourself to new residents as soon as they move in.

New Residents Are Ready To Buy

They need what you have to offer. Every new resident must establish new professional providers for all the products and services they need and want.

They are looking for a new Dentist, Security system, Veterinarian, Church, Shopping areas, Hairdresser, Accountant, Hardware Store, Health Club, Home Furnishings, Service Businesses, Restaurants . . . and everything else a family uses.

Contact them FIRST, and obtain
as loyal repeat customers.

More compelling facts about new movers:
  • 70% to 90% of new move-ins are families new to the area, without established buying patterns.
  • New residents spend up to ten times more in their first year than established residents.
  • The average new resident will stay in their new residence 2 to 8 years before moving again. This is your chance for a long-term customer.
The optimal time to reach a responsive prospect is before they establish local buying patterns and loyalties.

It is more effective and economical to target new area residents than it is to try and convince an established resident to change his/her buying patterns or loyalties.

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What Should You Know
About a Lead List?

Not all lists are created equal . . . .

Before you commit to a list provider, be sure to ask:
  • Can you get the data easily?
  • How old is the data? (Some vendors sell new homeowner data from public records, which can be 30 days old!)
  • What is the source of the data?
  • Are "true" new movers and new businesses identified?
  • Are the listings USPS deliverable?
  • Is the data formatted so you can use it?

Leads = Lifeblood

Plain and simple, your competitors will steal away your new customers if they beat you to building relationships with them. In the new marketplace you will have to work harder and spend more money to compete. Here's where fresh sales leads come to the rescue.

Fresh leads are the lifeblood of any business, and it pays to target new movers. But many who use new movers lists don't have a chance to get updated lists because their lives are so hectic or their businesses are so busy.

We've solved that problem . . .

. . . by creating a one-of-a-kind subscription model where you receive the latest new movers, hands-off and automatically. You do nothing, touch nothing, and what lands in your email box is a batch of fresh leads that become the lifeblood of your business. This gives you an opportunity to keep fresh new leads and fresh new business coming your way on a constant basis.

But what good are leads - whether free, cheap or expensive - if they're a hassle to use or if many of them get returned undeliverable?

The difference is in
convenience and quality

Our lists are:
  hassle-free.  AUTOMATICALLY get a fresh batch of leads in your email box every week or every month, ready to use
  the fastest way to new leads -- new records are added within a few days (weekend files include the previous week's listings)
  validated directly against telephone company directory assistance listings -- we do NOT use any scanned or transcribed data
  filtered through a proprietary process to distinguish true new movers & new businesses from other types of directory changes (2nd phone lines, business short moves, etc.)

  USPS zip+4 standardized and mailability coded

  standards-based CSV files that you can import to any database, spreadsheet or word processing program

  the most up-to-date and accurate available, so you don't waste your marketing budget!
We trust that you will be very satisfied with the quality, which is secured by our money back guarantee. We don't force high volume and low quality on our clients. We have relationships with the best sources in the industry, and enhance and improve quality before delivery.

We offer two products:
  • lists of new residents - FindNewMovers
  • lists of new businesses - NewBizFinder
Make a one-time purchase or subscribe EVERY WEEK or EVERY 4 WEEKS to receive fresh listings from new telephone hookups. Search by:
    • one zip code
    • a list of zip codes
    • city
    • county
    • area code
    • state
    • nationwide
Choose the geography that is within your business reach, and get competitive rates.

New Movers = New Business

Just one new customer can make the list pay for itself.

Try it now.